Grow Our Own Program

LeafThe Grow Our Own Lactation Consultant Program is a 105-hour college level course intended to assist WIC staff, health professionals and breastfeeding mothers in becoming International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Certified Lactation Specialists or Lactation Consultants.

Over 200 students throughout Northern and Southern California have successfully completed the course, which consists of bi-weekly lectures, homework assignments, quizzes, research presentations, event projects, special guest lectures, clinical hours and exams. Each discipline listed on the IBCLC Exam Blueprint is thoroughly covered by classes and assignments.

In addition to the positive outcome of having more professionals trained in lactation available to help families with breastfeeding, another exciting outcome of the course has been the development of new relationships among students of Grow Our Own. During the class, students describe and clarify their roles in women’s health care and explore new ways to provide a seamless continuum of care for the families they serve. Moms, babies, hospitals, and community members all benefit when collaborations such as these are formed.


The Grow Our Own Lactation Consult/IBCLC Prep Course meets the following requirements:

WIC Agencies

This course is perfect for peers and front-line staff. Employees will be able to confidently and knowledgably assist breastfeeding moms. Qualified counseling has been proven to increases breastfeeding rates and duration. This course falls under "allowable costs" and would be well-deserving of year-end funds


The GOO Course grants the 90 hours required for recertification and provides students with up-to-date research on infant feeding and how it affects long-term health.


The GOO Course is an essential element to providing excellent bedside assistance. The Surgeon General's Call to Action and the AAP's recommendations put breastfeeding at the top of patient care. Enrolling in this course will enable nurses to assess and care for simple to complex breastfeeding issues. This course meets the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Breastfeeding Training Requirements.

La Leche League Leaders and Community Volunteers

This course will challenge and equip you with the skills and knowledge to offer more advanced assistance to breastfeeding moms. This college-level course is designed to bring up-dated research and resources to students.

Public Health Professionals and Doulas

This course is perfect for the professional desiring to become an expert in lactation. This course expounds on over fifteen disciplines and covers issues from anatomy to counseling. Graduates of the Grow Our Own Lactation Consultant/IBCLC Prep Course are invaluable to the breastfeeding dyad. We must all work together to reach the Health People 2020 Goals.

The GOO Course is designed to take each individual to the next level of lactation expertise regardless of the student's background. Students commencing into the lactation field will graduate as Clinical Lactation Specialist. Students are not required to take a CLE or LE course prior to enrolling in the Grow Our Own Lactation Consultant/IBCLC Prep Course. Wherever you are in your journey, GOO will help you "Grow Your Dreams."


Cost of the compete course and notebook is $1650.  Textbook cost and exam fees (for those wishing to become certified through IBLCE) are the responsibility of the students.


The GOO course will be offered in Fall 2017.


The following requirements are due prior to, or on, the first day of class:

  • Provide proof of a negative TB Test
  • Complete and sign the Student Agreement
  • Obtain personal insurance
  • Complete Registration and Payment  (

For more information

please contact:
Kayellen Young, IBCLC
GOO Instructor

“I want to thank you and your supportive people from Riverside County for all the time and work you have put into the IBCLC prep course for Lactation Consultant. You not only give us the knowledge we need to encourage our new moms to give the best food available to their babies, you make it fun to come to class each month.  You teach and entertain, and that is an awesome combination.

So, getting a certification to be a lactation consultant is really icing on the cake.  Improving my skills and giving moms the most up to date knowledge for choosing  breastfeeding was my goal as an RN in an NICU setting.  Thank you for making that happen.”

— RN, Children’s Hospital Central California


Video Clips


Watch a video clip of a newborn finding his mother’s breast and nursing after being placed on his mother’s heart immediately after delivery. Watch all videos.